Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ATEC live: Point of View

The goal of ATEC live is to present a living, breathing online universe for students interested in Arts & Technology related fields at UTD. It is the collective voice of students, faculty, alumni and community partners united by the spirit of collaboration. It is a place to connect: to find answers and friends who are willing to help.

While ATEC live is most closely related to the ATEC and EMAC departments, our hope is to attract students and faculty from other related departments such as Marketing, Arts and Performance, Computer Science, Nanotechnology, etc. The involvement of these varied departments will make the ATEC experience truly interdisciplinary.

Although ATEC live aims to serve the UTD community in particular, its point of view is independent and unique from UTD's institutional point of view. Its bottom-up structure based on user-generated content is the most obvious difference when compared to the top-down structure of UTD's website which is predominantly representative of the institution itself.

The nature of ATEC live, as well as the technologies it is built upon, will change with the changing needs of its members. Our goal is not to create the ultimate all-enduring website, but to simply keep alive the flame of spirited conversation among our peers, using the tools available to us at the time. The goal is to keep our web platform as modular and user-friendly as possible, so that it can be supported and sustained through user participation with minimal maintenance from administrators.

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