Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project Progress

Methodology: How are we conducting the research?

Currently research is being conducted by an online survey located at the following link:
and face-to-face interviews of current ATEC and EMAC students.

Summary of what we have learned:

Although research is still being gathered and analyzed, we have learned that ATEC and EMAC students have an overwhelming desire to have a place to view career opportunities. Out of the seven respondents who have taken the survey all of them have given the highest possible score (five out of five stars) to the question “How interested would you be in ATEC providing a site where you can view career opportunities?”.

75% of students surveyed gave five out of five stars to both of the following questions: “How interested would you be in ATEC providing a site where others can view your portfolio?” and “How interested would you be in ATEC providing a site where others can view your resume?”

What are we planning to do with the information?

Due to the interruption of Spring Break, the results of the face-to-face interviews have not been analyzed. However, the results of the online student survey are confirming the information gathered during the in class student driven brain storming session conducted on February 23.

The next steps in the project will be to develop a collaboratec site map based on a decision matrix that is a culmination of both student needs and ease of creation. We will also complete a timeline that illustrates what elements of the project we plan on accomplishing and setting goals and deadlines for the established tasks.

How are we using social media in our project?

From the research gathered we have determined that all respondents participate in some kind of social networking. Specifically, Facebook and Twitter were unanimously participated in. We will create a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account for Collaboratec to increase project awareness, support, and continued research and suggestions.

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